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(: Monday, December 04, 2006

i am selling a few supplements this month... visit www.sportshealth.blogspot.com for more info.

{Signing Off,
Terence YX-
9:52 PM

(: Saturday, September 02, 2006

ydae... after sch...swam 30laps in cold cold water then went home!
friday...! darn lab was over at 5... went running 5 click around the school with c.hui... wanted to run 2.4 only but ended up 5 click... the pace and speed was fast cos i was running late for appt!

ate at swensens... the main dish nothing special so not worth mentioning... but im gonna mention

the ice-creme! ahh...my sin food... why does ice creeme taste so good

the to left, thats angel hazel! hazelnut ice cream with hazelnut bits of cos... some chocolate and a lot of wafer bits... not bad... 3.5/5

the right is "sticky chewy chocolate", tts chocolate with stikcy chocolate... very nice! differnt intensity of chocoalte tatse in a glass! 4.5/5!!

tml saturday will be trainin with c.hui! chest n back n quads n ham day!

{Signing Off,
Terence YX-
12:46 AM

(: Tuesday, August 29, 2006

the photos from nbrr are finally uploaded... and the official timing is finally out too...

checkpt 1: 00:10:41
checkpt 2: 00:25:52
net time: 00:57:35
final time: 00:57:44

my timing not very good lor as compared to my training timing... definitely did better when i was training with iain and roy during the holidays until i sprained the stupid leg... iain clocked 48min! definitely could beat his timing... hehee... cocky yeah....i wil try agn next yr!

on tt day itself actually i told roy tt i might halfway drop out and take ambulance bakc to ending point, cos during warming up..feet still hurts... but when i was there.. i see everyone warming up la... the mood over there simply motivated me just to run n run the 10 click...finish it... collect the goodie bag..leg pain or not pain... decide later... and yes... once i started running, leg hurts for like the first 2 click..but as the longer i ran... i forgot all bout it and all i wanted is just to complete in less than an hour! and little did i expect..i managed to...haha... i was very pleased with myseif at that moment tt i can complete it with a injured feet....but now i think of it... im displeased with the results already.. After the whole run.. damn... feet was crap man..the feeling sucks... i immediately went to the massage there took off my shoe and asked the person over there to massage my right feet for me!! hurts like #@!$! but well.. its worth it! i must say... okies...heres the pictures...

yeah....look damn relac...as comppared to the person to my right..dunno wth he stick out his tongue for...

ok.... now the shagged face... being chased by so many people behind me!!

{Signing Off,
Terence YX-
9:06 PM

(: Sunday, August 27, 2006

makan! went on a saturday morning dimsum treat! at... YUMCHA at chinatown! anyway dimsum contains very high fat contents for those who dunno... if its steamed...its much better than those fried ones...

eat a lot la.... got harkow... siew mai... xiao long bao... chee cheong fan... fried mango prawn... asparagus prawn... scallop prawn dumpling... yam paste with ginko... lor mai gai... i think still got a few leh... but forgot wad le!

but the dimsum overall ok ok only la... prob bcos i got flu so taste abit tasteless..haha... personal favourite would be the mango prawn and yan ginko and harkow!

{Signing Off,
Terence YX-
8:14 PM

(: Saturday, August 26, 2006

6 more hours to AHM! alarm set at 3am. 3.5 hours of slp? can i make it...? check this out agn!

{Signing Off,
Terence YX-
11:18 PM

(: Friday, August 25, 2006

morning run sucks... 10k but i can barely make it... dunno if its bcos haven recover from gym n swim yday or isit bcos im affected by my leg injury or isit bcos my tummy is hindering me or isit bcos i nv eat breakfast so no E or isit just plainly not motivated or maybe its the combination of these few... today friday lousy run... saturday tml i confirm wont run.. sunday AHM... dieeee...

{Signing Off,
Terence YX-
9:34 AM

(: Thursday, August 24, 2006

today skipped 2 hr lecture to go gym and swim! chest exercise was good! managed to dumbell pressed 22.5kg today! haha! hopefully i can up the next time...! swam 30 laps then rushed home to watch webcast!!

{Signing Off,
Terence YX-
7:18 PM